Benefits of Using Organic Cotton Sheets

Organic Cotton SheetsMany consumers prefer luxurious cotton bed sheets and use them on their beds. However, not many among them may have slept over organic cotton bed sheets. Various benefits of organic cotton sheets from environmental point of view are obvious. However, you should also consider these sheets due to their health benefits. Organic cotton is grown without using any fertilizers or pesticides, therefore packaged product can be truly described as pure organic cotton. This cotton has so many environmental benefits for earth and health. Shop Nine Space offers wide range of organic sheets to its worldwide customers.

One of the lesser known points about organic cotton sheets is that they are really soft and last much longer than regular cotton bed sheets. The chemicals used for manufacturing regular cotton fabric cause extensive damage its beneficial properties. So what you get with chemically coated cotton is rough fabric, chemically coated cotton fibers and a bed sheet that wears out early. Although you may be paying high price of these sheets, but they rarely give full value for money.

If you want to buy Pima or Egyptian cotton bed sheets, and can spend more money, you should think of investing in organic cotton bed sheets. You’ll be really surprised by the difference the absence of harmful chemicals can make. Best thing is that investing in these bed sheets won’t break your bank, as you can buy these sheets almost in same price range as regular cotton sheets. Best thing about these sheets is that they last longer than regular sheets. Are you interested in organic Turkish bath towels? You can see more here.

Organic bed sheets are more stronger and durable due to their long staple fibers. Being toxin free, they are much cooler and good for people with allergy prone or sensitive skin. Also, due to their long continuous fibers, cotton sheets do not pill and their softness improve with time. Even better, organic bed sheets do not wrinkle that badly as normal cotton sheets. These sheets also have much higher moisture absorption and good breathability scale so important for comfortable sleep. Aside from these qualities, the smooth surface of these sheets feel much cool in summers. You can have a sound sleep with just a organic bed sheet, and cotton bed spread on the top, best for hot summer nights.

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