Clothes With Meaning

lifeisgoodBeing in fashion, it can sometimes seem as if the fashion world is a “me” business with no heart, so I looked a little deeper to find some of the clothing lines that I love AND that loves the world! When choosing clothing it is always a good idea to choose items that you not only like, but things that also make you feel good. There are ways to ensure that your hottest styles also give you a positive boost to your mood. Some clothes do this naturally as they pull double duty in being both stylish and able to help others.

Feel Good T-Shirts

Messages on T-shirts can be funny and inspirational. Sometimes a quick, “smile” or a funny quote can bring some light to a person’s day. Life is Good T-shirts offer shirts that help to bring a little happiness into your life and to those that take the time to read the fun message on your shirt. With today’s fashion trends, T-shirts can be worn with everything from jeans, to skirts, to blazers. On a relaxing Sunday afternoon, you can pop on a T-shirt with jeans and comfy shoes, but you can also dress them up for a night out by adding a blazer and a pair of heels.

Charitable Clothing Lines

There are many clothing lines out there that benefit a variety of charities. These charitable fashion brands may donate up to all of the purchase price to whatever charity that it is representing. Some only donate a portion of the purchase price, but this is still money going to charity that otherwise would not. You can feel confident that when you buy this clothing that not only will you be in something you feel comfortable in, but that you also helped others. Some gripe that charitable clothing sometimes costs a bit more than basic clothing, but keep in mind that the creator has to cover his or her creation, marketing and other costs, make a few bucks and then also make enough to donate to charity. The extra cost is likely all going to charity so do not worry too much about the extra few bucks this type of clothing can sometimes cost.

Recycled Clothing

If you are a person who is striving to make your life more green then you can be happy that there are plenty of recycled clothing manufacturers out there. Of course, you could recycle your own clothing, but unless you are good with a sewing machine this will become really difficult after a short while. Wearing recycled clothing will ensure that those 68 pounds of clothing that Americans toss every year is reduced and that good clothing is still being used. There is no need to toss something that is still in good shape. Recycled clothing will not only help you in greening up your life, but it will save you some money too.

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