Shopping Problem Because You Have Narrow Feet?

shoesIf you need a narrow womans shoe you might have problems when you shop. However, you are not alone. Thanks to genetics, many women have ended up with differently proportioned feet. This has made shopping a bit of a challenge. But now there are options to help you find the perfect sized shoe.

The reason it is so challenging to find narrow women’s shoes is that they are not made that often. Manufacturers make a large array of sizes for shoes, but the demand for narrow shoes is not high enough to warrant the manufacturing of narrow shoes. It is actually more difficult to find narrow women’s shoes than it is to find larger sized shoes.

If you have narrow feet, you can try shopping at discount shoe stores or chain shoe stores but they often lack narrow shoes. Some specialty clothing stores that cater to petite women have a limited selection of narrow shoes. When you are shopping you might ask a chain store if they can order the shoes you want in a narrow size. While they may not carry them in stock, they may be able to order them. Discount stores do not often do this, but chain stores are more likely to help you in your quest. You might be required to place a deposit on the order whereas some stores may require you to pay for the shoe up front and to cover shipping and handling.

If this does not help you, there are other options. You can visit smaller shoe stores which are privately owned. In these instances, the shopkeepers will want to maintain your business and may be more inclined to special order narrow shoes for you. They may even be willing to ask other shoe stores in the area if they have the right size, assuming they cannot get it for you. You can enjoy personalized service here that you won’t find in larger department stores. Of course, as is often the case with smaller stores, you might pay a bit more.

If this still does not solve your shopping dilemma, you can try specialty stores online whose focus is narrow shoes. You can find a myriad of results when you look online. The only disadvantage to shopping for shoes online is that you cannot try them on before you buy them. As such, it is important that you read the exchange and refund policy carefully before you buy online.

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