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Beautiful BridalEvery bride already feels like a princess on her wedding day. Now, she can even look like one! With an amazing wedding gown, flawless makeup and hair, dazzling jewelry, and beautiful bridal tiaras, a bride can become a real princess right out of a fairy tale.

There are many unique tiaras on the market today so it is best to choose one that complements the bride’s gown perfectly. offers some really incredible tiaras and other wedding accessories. Here are the top selling bridal tiaras available today from Wedded Glitz.

For a bride that is going for a more traditional wedding look, the Teardrop Bridal Tiara is the perfect option. With a beautiful gown that has a classic princess look, this tiara will add another layer of elegance to the bride’s overall look. It measures 7-1/4″ wide and 1-1/2″ tall which is large enough to make a statement, but small enough to be dainty and personal. This tiara was created using silver plated scroll work that is encrusted with sparkling rhinestones. Large, teardrop shaped rhinestones are also found on this tiara for extra appeal. It’s comfortable and easy to wear considering it can be pinned to the brides hair. Plus, it is reasonably priced so it’s a clear choice for many brides.

Although many brides prefer diamonds, some enjoy the sophistication of pearls. The Pearl Rhinestone tiara is available in either gold plating or silver plating. Accented with rhinestones for the glitz and glamour and pearls for the bride’s preference, this tiara is definitely a beautiful piece to be worn. For brides who have chosen an ivory gown or a white gown with hints of gold, the goldtone pearl tiara would be a lovely accent. No matter which you choose, the pearls are really nice against the detailed scroll work on the tiara.

The Large Rhinestone Tiara is another classic example of what a common princess would wear. This tiara is silver plated but offers a great deal of sparkle with the amount of rhinestones encrusted on the silver. Although this piece is small, it packs a lot of punch with it’s incredible detailing. The rhinestones blend together nicely!

A bride deserves the very best on her special day but a tiara does not have to cost a fortune. offers a massive amount of bridal accessories and wedding supplies and low prices. Every bride and groom can find something they love here!

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